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Professional London Garden Landscapes
Professional London Garden Landscaper.
Professional London Garden Landscapers.
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With over 360 years experience of Garden Landscaping and Garden Construction, Belsize Landscapes are acknowledged as one of England’s leading Landscape Design and Landscape Construction companies.

Voted London’s Best Garden Landscaping and Garden Construction company, Belsize Landscapes, extremely enthusiastic owner, Robert Sergent-Fairley is a most Meticulous Professional Person who insists on the Highest Standards from his staff at all times. His Extremely Skilful Landscaping Team of Master Craftsmen are well known in London and the Southern Counties both for their Friendliness and Complete Dedication to their work as well as for their Unequalled Expertise in their handling of each landscaping project.

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Robert Sergent-Fairley is renowned for his amazing London Garden Designs which his Award Winning Team follow implicitly in their London Garden Landscaping process.

However, both he and his team, have completed many Beautiful Garden Landscapes following Professional Garden Designs as supplied by their London Clients and their Home Counties Landscape Clients.

The “Modus Operandi” to each London Landscape Project (or to each South of England Landscape Project) of Belsize Landscapes is generally separated into 3, 4 or 5 areas:

  1. Garden Preparation
  2. Garden Construction
  3. Garden Planting
  4. Garden Turfing
  5. Garden Lighting and Automatic Irrigation

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Garden Preparation

Almost every London Garden Project requires preparation in some form or another. The highly acclaimed London Garden Designer, Robert Sergent-Fairley does not subcontract on any of his Garden Landscaping. All Landscape Ground Preparation is handled by his own highly enthusiastic and ever popular Landscape Team.

The highly experienced Team Leaders of Belsize Landscapes arrange for their Landscape Team to be entirely self-sufficient; they organise Portaloo facilities for every Landscape Project; they also organise the supply of various sized Tents, Awnings and Marquees so as to enable the Belsize Landscape Team to continue working, irrespective of weather conditions.

These quickly erected Landscape Tents also act as perfect storage places for all the Landscape Tools and Landscape Materials which they require for each of their London Garden Landscape Projects.

The Garden Preparation process for both Hard Landscaping Projects and Soft Landscaping Projects is given a Top Priority by the experienced Team Leaders of Belsize Landscapes.

Robert Sergent-Fairley has always upheld that if Garden Preparations and Landscape Preparations are hurried, halved, incomplete or lessened for any reason, the finished result will only have a short life span.

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Robert confirms that this short life span applies to all aspects of Garden Design, Garden Landscapes and Garden Construction; this includes Timber Deckings, Garden Terraces, Driveways, and in particular Garden Patios, Garden Lawns and all aspects of Garden Planting.

To this end, all Landscape Preparations, and initial Garden Groundworks are completed by the Belsize Landscapes Team with total thoroughness and complete precision.

Garden Construction

There are very few Totally Reliable and Completely Professional Landscape Construction Companies in London nowadays.

Belsize Landscapes are one of the most experienced and respected Landscape Construction Companies in London and the South of England.

The Sergent-Fairley family have organised Garden Constructions and Tree House Constructions since 1642 .

Their highly acclaimed skills and techniques for a myriad of Garden Projects and Landscape Projects, across the World, have been inherited from his forbears and are practised to-day by Robert Sergent-Fairley.

Robert handles all his London Garden Construction Projects with a Military Precision.

All his London Garden Landscape Projects are completed by his Highly Gifted Team of Master Craftsmen who follow implicitly either Robert’s Garden Designs or the Garden Designs as supplied by Robert’s clients.

The Highly Qualified Belsize Landscapes Construction Team, only use the finest of materials in all their Garden Constructions.

Robert Sergent-Fairley travels to all parts of the United Kingdom and Europe in his permanent search for the Perfect Materials for his projects. He has even visited land quarries in Africa in his search for Garden Pavings.

Over the years, Belsize Landscapes has gained a totally unblemished reputation for their unparalleled high quality of their many London Garden Constructions.

Garden Planting

Robert Sergent-Fairley has always pointed out that when one enters a garden, it is always the impact of the Planting which one first notices; all Hard Landscaping, whilst often quite exquisite and outstanding is generally functional and acts either as a foil to the Planting or as a means of reaching and viewing the Planting.

The beautifying of Dwellings and Residences is not a new idea. Even in Prehistoric Times, archaeological digs have found evidence of personal Plantings around the entrances of the Cave Dwellers. Ancient Civilizations designed and constructed Grandiose Elaborate and Breath Taking Planted Gardens.

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The Middle Ages witnessed an Amazing Revival of Garden Design, Garden Construction and Garden Planting, in all parts of the Globe.

In today’s Modern and often Stressful World, Garden Design and Garden Planting has taken on a new importance. Beautiful Public Gardens are once again being constructed; Private Gardens across the world are bursting with colour and energy.

Many householders organise their own Garden Plantings. However, for many, the prospect is too daunting and they have sought assistance from Robert Sergent-Fairley.

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Song of the Larch Fairy

Sing a song of Larch trees
Loved by fairy-folk;
Dark Stands the pinewood,
Bare stands the Oak,
But the Larch is dressed and trimmed
Fit for fairy-folk!


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Robert’s main passion is for Nature and for Plants. He spends much of his time on Woodland Walks in England and in visiting Tropical Rain Forests, Wild Overgrown Jungle Areas and Palm Fringed Beach Walks.

Robert’s love of the Natural World is self evident in his Garden Designs where his emphasis is on The Planting. His Planting Style is entirely Natural and Free Flowing.

Robert’s Plant Knowledge is Encyclopaedic and he always organises Planting exactly to his clients wishes. He is equally at home in organising Traditional Plantings as he is in organising Exotic Plantings.

During recent years, Robert has organised the garden Designs, Garden Constructions and Garden Plantings of English Cottage Gardens, Woodland Style Gardens, Classical Gardens, Water Gardens, Roof Gardens, Tree Top Gardens, Childrens Gardens, Vegetable Gardens, Mediterranean Gardens, Patio Gardens, London Town Gardens and many Exotic Gardens.

Robert’s favourite idiom in Garden Design is “Let the plants do the talking”.

Garden Turfing

Thorough Ground Preparation is the key to a permanent Beautiful Lawn.

The skilled Landscape Team of Belsize Landscapes are “old hands” at Lawn Preparation and Lawn Laying.

After total Ground Preparation, they lay a Rolawn Cultivated Turf. Over the years, they have found this particular Turf to be the ideal hard wearing Turf, capable of withstanding both long wet periods and long periods of drought.

Robert Sergent-Fairley has always stated that a lawn, properly prepared, laid professionally with the correct turf and duly cared for, will last a lifetime and longer.

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Garden Lighting and Automatic Irrigation

The final stages in London Garden Landscaping are the optional installations of Automatic Irrigation and garden Lighting.

The construction of an Automatic Irrigation System is a form of low priced Insurance which guarantees the survival and the growth of the Planting.

Belsize Landscapes have a variety of Irrigation systems varying from the Hozelock style of Micro Irrigation to fully fledged “Pop up” systems.

Garden Lighting brings a new dimension to a garden after nightfall. This is not a new idea as the Ancient Civilizations lit their gardens with a variety of carefully concealed torches.

Nowadays, there are a multitude of external lighting types available for Pathways, Water Features or Plantings. Belsize Landscapes work closely with local qualified electricians who arrange full exciting lighting circuits.

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