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London Patio Designers and Landscapes
London Patio Designers and Landscaper.
London Patio Designers and Landscapers.
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Belsize Landscapes have over 260 years experience in Professional Patio Design and Professional Patio Construction and Driveways

Voted London’s Best Garden Design and Landscape Construction Company, Belsize Landscapes is directed by Robert Sergent-Fairley, one of the most knowledgeable (and enthusiastic) Garden Designers in England.

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Robert Sergent-Fairley is one of those “larger than life people” with boundless enthusiasm and energy for Garden Designs and Garden Projects; he is also an incredibly patient and understanding person whose fertile imagination never ceases to astound his clients with his highly imaginative ideas.

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Robert’s “modus operandi” is to visit personally each prospective client. He makes no charges or fees for his visits or consultations. He listens intently to his client’s wishes and measures the ground areas, noting carefully the aspect (sun or shade), any major obstacles (changes in land levels, manholes) and any existing drainage points.

Robert Sergent-Fairley has an amazingly fertile imagination and never ceases to astound his clients with his highly imaginative patio ideas.

Once a basic scheme has been agreed, within 48 hours, Robert supplies his clients with an immaculate hand drawn Patio Design, totally free of charge.

Dependant on the size of the Garden Patio or Garden Terrace, Robert estimates a total period of time of between 3 and 4 weeks from the date of his first visit to the final completion of the London Patio Construction, by his team of Professional Master Craftsmen.

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Paths Patios and Driveways >>> | Patios 1| Patios 2 | Patios 3 | Patios 4 | Patios 5 |

Robert’s London Patio Designs can be solely for the Patio or they can be part of a larger London Garden Design. His Patios can be of any shape from circular and curving to rectangular or with clearly defined straight edges.

Belsize Landscapes lay most of their London Garden Patios in a variety of Flagstone Pavings. However, Robert has drawn up Garden Designs where his team have laid Garden Patios, Garden Terraces and Garden Pathways in other Hard Landscape Garden Materials, including Decking, Reclaimed Railway Sleepers, Modern Railway Sleepers, Sliced Tree Trunk Rounds, Reclaimed Cobbles, Old London Setts, Reclaimed Bricks and a variety of Pebbles, Gravel, Chippings and Slate Pieces.

The Flagstone Pavings, Robert uses in his Garden Designs, are generally of large sizes and are laid by his highly experienced team of Professional Flagstone Pavers in a random pattern. However in certain of his Patio Designs, Pathway Designs and Terrace Designs, he has the pavings laid “head on” in lines. This can be very effective in a Modern Patio Design or in the Garden Design of a Period House or Listed Property.

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For their Patio Constructions, Belsize Landscapes generally use large Beige or Sandy Coloured Flagstones; however, during recent years Robert’s clients have shown a preference for a Light Grey Paving which Robert finds very fitting for the Local London Garden Designs for which he is so well known.

The other Flagstone Paving which is currently very popular in Robert’s Terrace Constructions, Patio Constructions and Modern Style Pathways, is his Black Slate Pavings.

These Black Slate Flagstones have a slightly riven surface, are Jet Black, beautifully cut and prepared and when laid professionally by the Belsize Team, the finished Patio is absolutely magnificent.

With regards to the Patio Construction Methods conducted by Belsize Landscapes, full details are available on their Driveways pages.

Garden Planting is often necessary after the construction of a new London Patio, London Terrace or London Pathway. This may involve the addition of an overhead Pergola or Arches, to provide shelter or added privacy.

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Raised Plant Beds are very often used in Robert’s Patio Designs. These Raised Plant Beds are constructed by his Highly Professional Landscape team from Reclaimed Bricks, Rendered and Painted Walls and from various types of timber, including Modern Railway Sleepers.


Garden Planting is Robert’s passion and he regularly invites his clients to join him on visits to his Plant Nurseries, to choose the relevant plants.

Robert’s Planting Designs have won him Gold and Silver Awards. Dependant on his client’s wishes and tastes, he organises Patio Planting in a Lush Exotic Tropical Style or in a Traditional English Garden Style. He always aims to include as many scented and perfumed plants as possible, either as climbers, dwarf trees, shrubs or perennials.

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Robert Sergent-Fairley is also proud of the fact that all his Patio Gardens, once completed, offer All Year Interest Planting with Minimum Maintenance Gardening.

Customer Quote : Emily Patterson - St Johns Wood

“Words cannot describe our delight when returning from a wet 2 weeks in Tuscany, we were greeted with our stunning new patio and even the sun was shining! Robert we simply adore the flagstones and your idea of the raised beds was brilliant. I am really looking forward to our visit next week to your Nurseries.”

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