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What the Press say

Over the years Belsize Landscapes have attracted some very kind comments from the local and national press. Obviously as the recipients of many prestigious awards the press do tend to take more than just a passing interest. Listed below are extracts from some of the more recent articles.

Period Living and Traditional Homes Magazine

Robert and Justin's award winning Tree House designs featured in an article of the October 2002 edition under the heading 'The Great Outdoors'.

......Maybe you've decided that the garden is where you'd like to make your mark...... Robert Sergent Fairley of Belsize Landscapes, has clear rules about making gardens work for children. 'Of course I talk to the adults at great length........... but I spend an equal amount of time with the children of the household to find out what makes their imaginations work.'

Hello Magazine

In an article about Tod Carty (aka Mark of East Enders) many of the photographs were taken in Tod's back garden.

The magical play area built for Tod by Robert and Justin Sergent-Fairley was featured heavily.

Belsize Landscapes Press Clippings

NorthWest Magazine September 1999

'Local Landscapers win Medals'

'.......Locally based Belsize Landscapes were granted the Silver Award for their Woodland Style Garden - an excellent achievement for their first ever Show Garden.

Although Award Winners for a natural garden, the young Belsize Landscapers are equally adept at constructing both formal and informal gardens; their recent projects have included a split level decking at Mount Vernon, a family patio garden in Highgate and a vast lake at Henley on Thames.'

NorthWest Magazine 2000

.....Local Landscapers win medals

'.........For the second year in succession, Robert and Justin Sergent Fairley of Belsize Landscapes have won the Silver Medal at the Regent Park Flower Show. They also gained first prize and a special award for the most popular garden in the show.

The theme this year was a family garden; a mellow stone patio opened onto a lawn which divided into pathways leading to a secret garden and a children's area (complete with swings, sandpit and tree house). The water feature was stunning and the overall planting was delightful and totally above reproach.

This garden was a 'complete breath of fresh air' and justifiably merited all the accolades, praise and awards.'

Belsize Landscapes Award Winning Garden Design and Construction

The Song of the Dog Violet Fairy

The Wren and Robin hop around;
The Primrose-maids my neighbours be;
The sun has warmed the mossy ground;

Where spring has come I too am found:
The cuckoo's call has wakened me!

Belsize Landscapes Award Winning Garden Design and Construction

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