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Care and Maintenance of Garden Lawns and Turf - A Guide by Belsize Landscapes

Watering your Lawn - Belize Landscapes can supply automatic irrigation Lawn systems
  • One nice deep watering session is much better than several quick watering sessions
  • Make sure your Lawn and Turf receives about an inch of water a week
  • When the weather is very hot your lawn needs an inch of water every three days
  • An occasional deep watering session (around 5 inches ) will encourage lawn root development and lead to healthier turf
  • Early morning watering of your lawn reduces heat evaporation on summer days

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Care of your Garden Lawn - Soil Varieties

The type of soil affects the amount of water your Lawn and Turf needs.

  • Spiking a lawn or Loosening soil around plants, Turf and Lawns promotes water and nutrient absorption
  • Clay Soil - Compost and peat moss can be added to promote lawn growth. Clay soil requires tilling to help with the absorption of water. Careful watering is required
  • Sandy Soil - Lawns in sandy soil need organic supplements to promote healthy Lawn development. Organic supplements help prevent rapid water absorption and give the roots a chance to drink
  • Loam Soil - A mix of silt sand and clay- ideal for healthy lawn development

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Lawn Care - Commercial Fertilisers

Fertilisers provide essential nutrients to promote healthy lawns and turf . Potassium is required for healthy root and disease resistant lawns, nitrogen promotes green lawn growth. phosphorous is important for lawn roots and lawn seed development. Commercial lawn fertilisers need to be properly applied to prevent contamination of the water table.

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A lawn soil test will help your determine the correct nutrient balance for your lawn. A sulphur coated slow release nitrogen fertiliser will help keep your lawn in tip top condition.

Fertiliser is best applied to lawns and turf when the soil is moist to ease uptake by the roots - after watering or heavy rainfall is ideal. Lawn fertiliser should be applied frequently and in the absolute minimum quantities. Care should be taken in the application of lawn fertilisers and pesticides to prevent pollution of the water table. Another draw back of commercially available lawn fertilisers and pesticides is that they often kill beneficial insect life as well as harmful ones.

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Organic Alternatives to Lawn Pesticides and Fertilisers

Leaving quantities of mown grass on the lawn surface to decompose is the organic equivalent of commercial fertilisers - and it is free!.

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Harmful Lawn Insects can be organically controlled in a number of ways. A spoonful of soap in each gallon of water makes an excellent deterrent to harmful lawn insects

The presence of certain types of plants in and around your garden lawn can prevent insect infestation and make excellent organic alternatives to commercial lawn pesticides.

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Organic Insect Repellents for your garden plants and Lawns

The following plants will deter insect infestation from your gardens and lawns

  • ANTS - use mint, tansy and pennyroyal
  • APHIDS -Aphids hate mint,chives, garlic, anise and coriander
  • BEAN LEAF BEETLE - deter with potato, turnips and onions
  • CODLING MOTH - These hate oleander
  • CUMBER BEETLE - hates tansy and radish
  • FLEA BEETLE - mint, garlic and onions
  • CABBAGE WORM - sage, mint, and rosemary
  • JAPANESE BEETLE -geraniums, tansy, garlic
  • LEAF HOPPER - hate petunias and geraniums
  • MICE - Plant onions to deter mice
  • SLUGS - try wormwood and prostrate rosemary
  • SPIDER MITE - Chives, cloves, onion and garlic all work
  • STINK BUGS - radish is good for these
  • WHITEFLY - Nasturtium and Marigolds are good for these

Organic sustainable Lawn and Garden maintenance advice comes as standard with Belsize Landscapes Lawn and Garden Design.

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