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In 1832 (the year of The Reform Act) Belsize Landscapes constructed their first Fantasy Log Cabin Play House for the local Hampstead Heath family of a wealthy owner of a South American Silver Mine.

Times have changed but the needs, the desires, the imagination and the fantasies of children remain constant across time. A London Play House today, will give the same enjoyment to children and the freedom to express themselves and to make up and to invent new games exactly the same as the clients’ children of Belsize Landscapes of nearly 200 years ago.

Garden Play HouseGarden Play GroundLondon Garden Play House
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Belsize Landscapes are justifiably proud of their long standing reputation for their impeccably hand constructed magical Play Houses, which are timeless and have changed very little in design since 1832.

Belsize Landscapes are directed by the highly enthusiastic and extremely energetic Robert Sergent-Fairley who visits each prospective client and discusses in detail their requirements, childrens ages, abilities, likes and dislikes; careful consideration is given to the ground area available and to the style of the surrounding garden.

The policy of Belsize Landscapes has always been to blend each London Dream Play House or Fantasy Wendy House into the surrounding area. It is for this reason that Robert provides a hand drawn and totally Free Garden Design of his proposed Play House. His yardstick is that once complete in situ, the Play House should form an integral part of the garden and should appear as if it had always been there.

Garden Play HouseGarden Wendy House
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To this end, all Belsize Landscapes Award Winning London Play Houses and London Wendy Houses and London Childrens Garden Buildings, are hand constructed from natural wood; the whole once completed is painted in woodland browns and woodland greens water based stains.

The design and construction process of Robert Sergent-Fairley is very rapid. When his initial visits are completed, within 48 hours he supplies his clients with his stunning Play House design; immediately upon their acceptance, his highly gifted team of Master Craftsmen commence work on the project. He estimates that each project takes his Professional Team a maximum of 3 weeks from the initial consultation to the final unveiling in situ of the beautiful Play House.

Robert with his Gardening teamGardeners Feeding Time

Most of their London Play House Constructions are square or rectangular with a Wooden Pyramid Style Roof. However, Belsize Landscapes are equally adept at the construction of Odd Shaped Play Houses either by request or by necessity when they are faced with an awkward or angular space.

Play House costs vary according to the size and the style; an Inexpensive London Play House or Wendy House would be a square one with squared windows and a flat (slightly sloping) roof. Most of the Play Houses constructed by Belsize Landscapes have a beautiful Pyramid style wooden roof, Magical Gothic Windows with shutters and a Fantastic Gothic Door with a secret spy hole. Although more elaborate, this style of Play House is still relatively inexpensive.

Play Houses can be as small or as large as a client wishes; there are no downward or upward limits; they can also be of any style from a Pirate Boat or a Runaway Train to a Beautiful Princess Castle.

Play House LondonWendy House London
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Play House Doors and Play House Windows constructed by the Professional Craftsmen of Belsize Landscapes can be either square, rectangular curved or of a Gothic style; this latter style of design of Gothic Doors, Gothic Windows and Gothic Secret Doors has hardly changed in style since their early creations in 1832; it has remained their most popular design throughout Victorian England, Edwardian England and Modern Times.

Belsize Landscapes are also Gold and Silver Award Winning Professional Garden Designers and were recently voted Best London Landscapers; they are often requested to add plantings to further soften a new Play House or Wendy House. Their planting schemes can either be Exotic Planting Schemes with Bamboos and Palm Trees or of a Traditional Planting Style with such evergreens as camellias, rhododendrons and perennial flowers, fruit trees and a small Children's Vegetable Garden.

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A much admired innovation by Belsize Landscapes is their ability to organise in conjunction with Hampstead Photographers a complete “before and after” photographic album as well as full videos of children playing in their new Dream Play House.

A finished note must come from Felicity Varden – Escombe who last week, after the completion of her Children's Play House with an Activity Adventure Play Area, said to Robert “I do not know why we waited so long; Robert we should have done this sooner”.

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Spring Magic

The World is very old;
But year by year
It groweth new again
When buds appear.

The world is very old,
and sometimes sad;
But when the daisies come
The World is glad.

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