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In 1812 the Emperor Napoleon invaded Russia with an army of 700,000 French men. This invasion was a complete disaster and over half a million French soldiers died during the retreat.

Long before this famous date in history, Robert Sergent-Fairley’s forbears had been assiduously organising the Garden Design and the Garden Construction of breathtaking gardens across Europe.

Garden Design and LandscapingGarden Design and LandscapingGarden Design and Landscaping
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Robert continues today with his own breath taking and his own awe inspiring London Garden Designs. He has over the years received Gold and Silver Awards, for his Garden Designs, his Tree House Designs and his Adventure Playground Designs.

Robert’s “modus operandi” is that he visits each prospective client and personally examines and measures the area (s) to be landscaped, noting any interesting features, trees, shrubs or plants. He listens attentively to his clients wishes and then discusses these, together with his own views and suggestions. It only takes him a few minutes to arrive at an interesting basic garden design formulae; this, he works on for the next few days before returning with a scale drawing of his proposed Garden Design, Tree House Design or Adventure Playground Design.

Robert makes no charges for his visits and supplies his clients with a beautifully hand drawn Garden Design or Tree House/Play Area Design, totally Free Of Charge.

London Garden Design

His highly imaginative Garden Designs are well known both to the General Public and to the Landscape world; he has a very natural style and always achieves a simplicity in his gardens, which although full and exciting, remain calm, straightforward, purposeful and ‘uncluttered’.

According to the intended usage of the garden, his Garden Designs vary from those containing ‘rooms’ to those of completely open aspect.

One of his main mottoes has always been “to let the plants do the talking”. He likes to follow clearly defined lines, whether straight or curved; these he then softens with features and/or amazing Planting schemes. He has always commented to his clients that when entering a garden. The first, the foremost and the main factor which meets the eye, is the planting.

Robert Sergent-Fairley is well known for his incredible accuracy in interpreting his clients wishes into his Garden Designs.

Garden FlowersWild Flowers

His range of Garden Creations is enormous; in recent years he has completed Garden Designs of Woodland Gardens, London Town Gardens, Patio Gardens, Roof Terrace Gardens, London Basement Gardens, English Cottage Gardens, Mediterranean Gardens, Childrens Gardens, Vegetable and Fruit Gardens, Patio Gardens, Front Gardens, Timber Decking Gardens, Patio Gardens, Exotic Gardens, Secret Gardens and endless Tree House Designs, Play House Designs, Wendy House Designs, Play Platform Designs and Adventure Playground Designs.

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