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Voted London’s Best Garden Designers, the family of Robert Sergent-Fairley, the Chairman of Belsize Landscapes, have been organising the Garden Design, the Garden Construction and the Garden Planting of Front Gardens since 1742.

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Robert Sergent-Fairley personally visits all new clients who require a Beautiful London Front Garden. He discusses with them at length, their likes, their dislikes and any plans they may have for their Professional Designed Front Garden. He makes no charges for his consultations and once completed, he blends his client’s wishes, together with his own highly original ideas.

He then supplies his clients, totally free of charge, a scaled drawing of their New London Front Garden Design.

Robert advises that it normally takes 3 weeks from the initial consultation to the finished Garden Construction and London Garden Planting of each new Front Garden.

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Robert has no fixed scheme on London Front Garden Designs. He follows his client’s wishes and always completes a Garden Design to fit the exact dreams of his clients.

Most Front Garden Designs include a Pathway and often a Driveway. These can be in any shape or form and can be constructed from any Landscape Materials including Reclaimed Bricks, Old London Cobbles, Flagstone Pavings, Crazy Pavings, Gravel, Slate Pieces, Chippings, Bark Chips, Turf, Chamomile Timber Decking as well as many others.

Many London Front Gardens are of a strange shape and can often be the main garden area, possessing large trees or high evergreen shrubs, which provide a thick screen from local highways or from neighbouring houses. When presented with this type of Front Garden, Robert Sergent-Fairley sometimes uses a Garden Design style of Bridges, Waterways, Rockeries and Pond Areas. He has also, on occasions used these Front Garden areas for the construction of Tree Houses, Wendy Houses,Play Platforms, Activity Play Areas, Pet Houses and Exciting Animal Play Areas.

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In order to add interest, or to bring plants up to the light (in shady London Front Gardens) Robert's Team of Professonal Garden Craftsmen often creates Raised Plant Beds in his London Garden Designs. These Raised Plant beds can also be of any shape, size or height; his professional Landscape Team normally constructs them from Reclaimed Bricks, Rendered and Painted Walls, Old Reclaimed Railway Sleepers, Newly Cut Railway Sleepers, Rocks or Vertical Poles.


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Robert has always stated that the Planting Of A Front Garden is of the most importance as it sets the scene for the lives of those who dwell inside. His London Front Garden Plantings can be Minimalist Plantings, Traditional Plantings, Wild Plantings, Exotic Plantings, London Town Plantings or Cottage Plantings.

The one item however which he keeps in common throughout all his London Front Garden Planting Plans is that they provide All Year Interest and allow Minimum Maintenance Gardening.

Veronica Benton  -  Highgate London

Words cannot describe just how thrilled I am with this fantastic oldie worldie front garden which completely fits the style of my cottage. I love the winding path, the flowers and just everything; it’s absolutely wonderful and just what I had dreamed of.

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Belsize Front Gardens - A Brief History

The year of 1776 saw the formal Declaration of Independence by the North American Colonies. In the same year, Archibald Sergent-Fairley completed the construction of a highly ornate Teutonic Styled Fortified Mansion, for a wealthy Hansa merchant outside the town of Tartu in Old Livonia.

Archibald’s patron was a fanatical admirer of tulips, which in the 17th and the 18th centuries, were sold as either individual bulbs or by weight in larger quantities. These were sold at highly inflated prices by the merchants in Holland who were importing them from Turkey.

Such was the passion for tulips, that a rare individual bulb could exchange hands for the price of a house!

In order to obtain the rarest and the most colourful tulip bulbs at the most advantageous prices, Archibald Sergent-Fairley sailed to Turkey with 2 large merchant vessels. In Istanbul he purchased 2 complete ship loads of tulip bulbs and after an extremely perilous journey, returned to a rapturous welcome in Livonia.

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The Song of The Beechnut Fairy

O the great and happy Beech
Glorious and Tall!
Changing with the changing months,
Lovely in them all:Lovely in the leafless time,
Lovelier in green;
Loveliest with golden leaves
And the sky between

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Archibald then proceeded with his Grand Garden Design which included a Front Garden, the size of a modern day football pitch, completely filled with tulips.

On a point of interest, the word tulip has its derivation in the Turkish word “Tulblend” or “Turban” as the flower resembles a Turban.

London Front Gardens nowadays are generally smaller than their European Counterparts of yesteryear and considerably easier for Plant Designs and for Garden Designers.

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