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London Roof Terraces, London Roof Gardens, London Balconies and London Verandahs

In order to maximise their living space, many householders seek the assistance of Roof Garden Designers.

Voted London’s Best Garden Designers, Belsize Landscapes are Award Winning Roof Terrace Designers, having been involved with the Design, the Construction and the Planting of Roof Gardens for almost 250 years. It was in 1760, the year when George III came to the throne that the great great Grandfather of Robert Sergent-Fairley designed and planted the huge stone roof terrace areas of a spectacular fortified mansion which he and his team had designed and constructed on the forested borders of the Principality of Moldavia and Transylvania.

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Nowadays, London Roof Terraces and London Balconies do not have the encumbrances of crenellations or flanking towers; thus London Roof Design Projects for Robert Sergent-Fairley are considerably simpler than they were for his forbears.

However, although building designs may have changed, the basic principles still apply.

The highly energetic and enthusiastic Robert Sergent-Fairley visits personally each prospective client and listens intently to their wishes.

Robert also takes into careful consideration the aspect of the Roof Verandah (Terrace, Balcony or Roof Garden) with particular attention to prevailing winds and shelter (or non shelter) from the sun. He also views carefully the immediate local area, as he always aims to blend each New Roof Area into the surrounding scenery or adjacent buildings. Robert combines all these factors together with his own highly original ideas to produce a Totally Free of Charge Roof Terrace Design.

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Robert does not like “clutter”; thus his Roof Garden Designs are plain, straightforward and simple but highly imaginative with Stunning Planting.

The design and construction process of Robert Sergent-Fairley is very rapid. When his initial visits are completed, within 48 hours he supplies his clients with his stunning Roof Terrace or Roof Garden Design; immediately upon their acceptance, his highly gifted team of Master Craftsmen commence work on the project. He estimates that each project takes his Professional Construction Team a maximum of 3 weeks from the initial consultation to its final completion.

For most Terraces, he uses timber decking for the floor areas; however porcelain or terra cotta tiles are sometimes laid and for those clients who desire a truly authentic looking London Roof Top Country Garden, without the effort of mowing, his Professional Landscape team can organise the laying of a very high grade look alike lawn.

If the Roof Garden is in an exposed position, in order to filter the wind (and possibly the sun), Robert uses a variety of treillage or fencing styles. All timber used by the Gold and Silver Award Winning Belsize Landscapes is from SUSTAINABLE TIMBER SOURCES.

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In many of his London Roof Terraces, Robert includes an Overhead Wooden Pergola Design. This can be of any shape or height; sometimes he places treillage on the sides or between the overhead beams (as one often sees in hot countries abroad). Robert then clothes the whole pergola with vines, figs or suitable scented flowering evergreen climbers.

Planting is of course Robert’s passion. For most Roof Gardens and Roof Terraces, Robert designs London Raised Beds, generally wooden although reclaimed brick or rendered walls are occasionally used. These he fills with a suitably blended growing mix and organises planting as per his client’s wishes.

His attitude is that “a garden should look like a garden, whether it be on the ground or up in the sky”.

Robert's London Roof Terrace Planting Schemes, whether traditional or exotic, are always of a natural style with all year interest and minimum maintenance.

Roof Terrace FlowersWild Flowers for Roof Terraces

Most Roof Gardens, Roof Terraces, Balconies and Verandahs, tend to be in exposed, sunny and windy positions. Robert Sergent-Fairley therefore generally uses a more robust, hardy or exotic plant in his Roof Garden Designs. A variety of Palm trees, bamboos and Olives can provide a good background for the more lush or “run of the mill” foreground or lower plants.

In recent years Robert has designed a Roof Water Garden, a Roof Vegetable and Fruit Garden, a Roof Yoga Garden, a Roof Pet Garden, a Roof Country Garden (complete with Fruit Trees) as well as a myriad of spectacular Roof Terrace Gardens.

Customer Comment - Kim Slawek – Hampstead Heath
“I am most impressed at the care your team took in carrying all the materials through the house. The roof terrace is perfect and I am only sorry I did not do this sooner”.

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